Honeywell 11kW Stand-by Generator and Transfer Switch, INSTALLED!

(Over a $7,500.00 Value)

Official Rules and Regulations for participation in

Jay's Service Company's Old A/C Unit Sweepstakes:

No Purchase Necessary.  Only one entrant eligible per household and only one entry will be accepted per household.  This Sweepstakes is subject to all applicable laws and regulations and is void where prohibited.  Odds of winning depend on the number of valid entries received.  To be eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes entrants must be at least 18 years old and U.S. residents.  All who enter the Sweepstakes must be the current homeowner and reside at the home where the A/C condenser picture submitted in this Sweepstakes is installed. Home must be a single family house or mobile home only (cannot be commercial or rental property) and located geographically within a 40 mile radius of our home office location which is 403 King Place in Jacksonville, AR. 72076.  No employees or affiliates of Jay's Service Company, Inc. or their families are eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes.​  It is neither expressed nor implied that this 11kW generator will deliver all the power required to run ALL of the electrical items in a particular home nor is it certified by its manufacturer to provide guaranteed stand-by power for the purposes of medical related needs.  

To enter the Sweepstakes, follow the 4 Steps below: 

  • Between the dates of April 4, 2016 and July 4, 2016
  • any Homeowner within our service area (403 King Place, Jacksonville, AR 72076 and a 40 mile radius) must login to their Facebook account and:
  •  1) "Like" our Facebook page 
  • 2) Post a picture of your A/C Condenser, Heat Pump or Package unit on our Facebook page.  
  • 3) Tag two friends within the comments of the A/C Condenser picture posted and state the age, or at least your best guess of the approximate age, of the old A/C, Heat Pump or package unit. 
  • 4) So that we may notify both Daily and the Grand Prize winners, upon completion of the above steps, entrants will need to send an email to our email address:
  • Email must include Name, address and phone number.  Once we review the submission we will send a reply notifying entrant that we have accepted the submission and that they are officially entered in the Sweepstakes.  The information provided will not be sold or transferred in any way to any other company or affiliate and will be kept by Jay's Service Company as confidential.  
  • If there is any question as to the age of a unit submitted, age will be verified by the Serial number from the service tag on the unit.  If no Serial number is available, the unit may be disqualified as a daily Winner candidate at the discretion of Jay's Service Company.  

Grand Prize ​Includes:
   A Honeywell 11kW Stand-by Generator, 100 AMP Service Rated Transfer Switch, Hurricane pad, battery, up to 10' gas pipe reaching from the Generator to the home's gas meter or existing Propane tank and up to 10' necessary electrical lines between the Generator and Electrical Meter.  Jay's Service Company will Install all of the above mentioned equipment and materials on the Winner's home.  See our Generators page on our website for a size chart that shows the power capabilities of an 11kW Generator.  This is Not a portable generator and must be installed to run using Natural Gas or Liquid Propane.

Grand Prize package DOES NOT include:
      Any materials or labor necessary to perform any additional work to install the generator to meet the winning homeowner's installation preferences or Arkansas Electrical or Gas Codes; for example: upgrading the home's Electrical Meter, panel or breaker box, installing the generator in a location more than 10' away from the Electrical Meter or Gas Meter or any other special requests or optional upgrades to the system.  In addition we will not install any gas or electrical lines underground or existing, poured concrete.

Daily Winners:
​     Any age A/C or Heat Pump condenser submitted will qualify for the Grand Prize Sweepstakes; however, the oldest A/C or Heat Pump condenser pictures posted DAILY (condensers 8 years or older) will win an Annual 2 visit Maintenance Agreement, this is a $159.00 value.  See our website's Maintenance Agreement page for details.  If there is any question as to the age of a unit submitted, age will be verified by the Serial number from the service tag on the unit.  If no Serial number is available the unit may be disqualified at the discretion of Jay's Service Company; however,  age or presence of a legible serial number will not effect eligibility in the Grand Prize drawing.

     Existing customers of Jay's Service Company are invited to enter the Sweepstakes. Any person who currently has a Maintenance Agreement contract with Jay's Service Company, who enters this Sweepstakes and becomes one of the DAILY WINNERS, will receive their Winning Maintenance Agreement as an additional year of Maintenance added to their existing Maintenance Agreement (on one system only).  Any age A/C condenser can be used to enter the drawing for the Generator Grand Prize package, however, only condensers 8 years old or more will qualify as a Daily Winner.

     Winner of the Generator must have Natural Gas already installed to their home or at least a 500 Gallon Liquid Propane Tank already installed to their home.  Electrical and Gas lines will be ran and attached to existing surfaces only.  


     The Generator Grand Prize Drawing will be held on July 8, 2016 at HVAC Sales and Supply Co., Inc. located at 424 Vine St., North Little Rock, AR 72114; winner does not have to be present to win. We will notify the winner by certified mail and/or through their Facebook page. The Generator will only be installed on the Homeowner's home (home ownership must be verifiable and will be verified through county records) where the A/C Condenser they submitted in the Sweepstakes resides; this will be verified after the drawing.  Additional names will be drawn in the event there is a disqualification of the first name drawn.  Photos will be taken of the Generator Grand Prize Winner and could be used in future advertising or promotions by Jay's Service Company.  Winner will be required to sign a Jay's Service Company image release form and an affidavit of eligibility.  If a winner does not sign and return the release and affidavit of eligibility within 14 days of the drawing date July 8, 2016, then the prize will be forfeited, an alternate winner will be selected and the prize will be awarded accordingly.

     If the Grand Prize winner is subject to US taxes, a form 1099 will be required.  Jay's Service Company will require the Grand Prize winner to fill out a W9 tax form with our office and they will be responsible for filing the 1099 Tax form on their 2016 taxes as required by law.  


     The winner of the Generator understands that future Maintenance associated with their new Generator is their responsibility (Grand prize winner will have the option to purchase a generator maintenance agreement from Jay's Service Company). 

The only warranty associated with this prize will be the manufacturer's warranty. 


     Jay's Service Company reserves the right to disqualify anyone from the Sweepstakes and/or block them from our Facebook page for entries that include content either in the image submitted or the language used that we deem offensive or inappropriate.  

     If the winner of the Grand Prize package refuses to allow Jay's Service Company to install the Generator in a manner within the manufacturer's specifications or city/state code and within the defined boundaries using the materials awarded in the Grand Prize package and mentioned above and refuses to pay for the additional materials and labor associated with it, they understand that they will forfeit their winnings and that Jay's Service Company will award the Grand Prize Package to the next qualifying name drawn.  The Generator will be installed by Jay's Service Company by October 1, 2016 at the latest.

     Jay's Service Company is not responsible for any technological malfunction or human error relating to the Sweepstakes.​  Jay's Service Company accepts no responsibility or liability in connection with any injuries, losses or damages of any kind directly or indirectly caused by or resulting from the acceptance, possession or use of any Prize awarded in the Sweepstakes. By entering, entrants agree to release the Company and each of their affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents from any and all claims, loss, damage or injury as a result of or incident to his/her participation in the sweepstakes or his/her use of the prize. Entrants further acknowledge and agree that, if a winner, the Company has the right to publicize entrant's name, character, likeness, photograph, voice and the fact that entrant is a winner of the Sweepstakes for promotional purposes, without financial remuneration.

Any submission that does not meet all of the above criteria will be disqualified.

Sweepstakes Made Possible by:


Grand Prize Winner

Lee Thessing


Time to Enter has Expired.  The Drawing was held on July 8, 2016

Jay's Service Company's

Old A/C Sweepstakes

for Central Arkansas Homeowners 

Little Rock - (501) 225-5009 • NLR, Sherwood & Jacksonville - (501) 835-9366  • Cabot - (501) 605-9398 • Beebe - (501)882-1004  

Grand Prize ​Includes:

   A Honeywell 11kW Stand-by Generator (Model:  6442), 100 AMP Service Rated Transfer Switch, Hurricane pad, battery, up to 10' gas pipe reaching from the Generator to the home's gas meter or existing Propane tank and up to 10' necessary electrical lines between the Generator and Electrical Meter.  See our Generators page on our website for a size chart that shows the power capabilities of an 11kW Generator.  This is Not a portable generator. 

Daily Winners:

​Will receive a complimentary Maintenance Agreement at no Charge; this is a $159.00 value.  See our website's Maintenance Agreement page for details about our Maintenance Agreements. 

Please read ALL the detailed, Official Rules & Regulations below.